mahatma=偉大な魂 mahatmaはガンディーが追い求めた真理「いつどんな時も変わることない正しい物事の道筋」を衣から提案するライフスタイルブランドです。地球に優しく消費者、生産者の暮らしも大切にする洋服作りをテーマに、インド、ネパールの職人さんが手作業で織る布を探し求め古今東西旅をし、カトマンズ郊外にある工場にて職人さんたちと一枚、一枚丁寧に仕立てています。今も尚、様々な地域に残る温もりを感じる布から作った洋服を、日々の生活に寄り添い着ていただきたいという思いを大切に洋服作りをしています。 mahatma= the Great Soul mahatma is a lifestyle brand that follow the true route of the right subject that will never change. This is what Gandhi had seek for. With the philosophy to create clothes that are made to cherish the life of the earth, consumers and producers, we tailor each cloth with care by working with local craftsmen in the suburban area of Kathmandu using the hand-woven textile we found while traveling throughout India and Nepal. We think it is important to provide our clothes made from textile, feeling warmth of the local where it's came from and deliver it to our customers to wear for your daily lives. Namaste https://www.mahatma.jp https://www.instagram.com/mahatmadesign Copyright Mahatma 2013-2020. All Rights Reserved.